Mother Without Limbs Raises Child Alone To Lose It Later Forever

After 4 miscarriages the woman thought she would not be able to become a mother. The miracle happened. But this miracle went away very quickly.

Alison Lapper was born with phocomelia, without arms, and with very short legs. She spent her childhood in institutions until after 4 miscarriages she became the mother of a son, Parys Lappe. Abandoned by the baby’s father, she had to raise her only child.

Because of her health condition, Alison questioned her ability to raise the child alone. She felt healthy both physically and mentally to bring Paris to life.

The story of her pregnancy also inspired Marc Quinn who made a sculpture of her and settled in Trafalgar Square for 2 years. This is to show that a mother’s love has no boundaries.

The moment of birth for Alyson was magical. Finally, her dream come true. She was holding her baby in her arms. It was the most beautiful thing that could have happened to him.

Alison Lapper went on alone with her son. She received a first-class honors degree in fine art at Brighton University. She was even awarded an honorary doctorate at Brighton in 2014. However, for her, the most beautiful work of art she has made is her son.

At age 54, she would never have thought that her son would leave her so soon.

Her fiance, Si Clift says that Alison did her best not to let this happen but did not succeed. It was too late for Paris.

He was a mischievous, generous, kind, loving, frustrating, cheeky, forgiving, beautiful boy. Police informed Ali that the boy was bullied for his mother’s physical condition, for which reason he died of an overdose.

Alison for her son’s funeral asked to be accompanied by a large number of motorbikes to the cemetery. This would have pleased Paris very much.

Despite her efforts to raise her only son without any hindrance between them due to her disability, they both loved each other very much. Fate proved cruel that separated them so quickly.

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