Millennials Are Rewatching ‘Seinfeld’ And Saying It’s Super Offensive

Everyone is talking about the popular TV show Seinfeld and here are the reasons why. Many people when they go back in time are always nostalgic and miss their memories.

When we talk about memories, we can safely say “everything”, starting from clothing style, songs, food, TV shows, etc. Recently, people are going back in time and commenting on a well-known show that years ago was very funny and loved by everyone.

Although Seinfeld has always been at the forefront of attention for the humor and jokes of the actresses, today many people say that in this television show many offensive parts were not noticed before. This show lasted several years and started around 1980.

Today many people don’t like the humor of old movies because the humor nowadays has changed a lot. According to the well-known actress Angela Floria, her mood has improved a lot in recent years.

Many jokes in Seinfeld that years ago made people laugh, today seem very offensive. The humor of the 90s is very different from the humor that we are used to seeing these days on social media or in television shows. In Seinfeld, there has been a lot of talk about racial slurs or homosexual approaches.

If you have seen Seinfeld, you will surely remember “The Soup Nazi”. This was one of the funniest fragments from the film, while today it is not so much. “The Soup Nazi” was talking about a chef who would refuse customers soup as a power trip.

In another part, Kramer said he saw a “pig-man”. He meant that he had seen an overweight man and not a half-human, half-pig man. To clarify this idea, he said that he had seen a fat little mental patient.

This was a very funny scene, but today not many people like and agree with these jokes. The way Seinfeld has objectified women has also been commented on a lot.

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