Michael J. Fox on Staying Positive After the Recent Loss of His Mother: ‘She’d Never Add Up the Losses’

Michael J. Fox has spoken about the death of his mother at the age of 92. The actor says that he fought for a long time with Parkinson’s disease. He spoke about his mother on the cover of “PEOPLE” magazine.

“She is a wonderful woman who spreads only positivity. She liked to laugh a lot. She didn’t want to add to her losses.” The actor married Tracy Pollan in 1988 and they have four children together. “His mother advised me to look in front of me and not look back. She wanted me to always think positively and inspire the people I love.”

Fox has revealed more about his relationship with his mother and father. His father died in 1990 and for this reason, he became even more connected to his mother. She was a kind woman who kept the family together in every difficult situation they were going through.
He shows that army women are strong women and adapts very quickly to different situations.

“We started to understand this late when we were growing up. But when we were children, we didn’t understand many things.” The actor also talked about his fight with Parkinson’s. He has collected funds to invest in the research of this disease.

Doctors have taken care of Fox’s health and he is now feeling better.
He says that he is finally starting to feel better and that he can now move his arm. In 2018, he was forced to perform an important operation on his spine, due to a dangerous tumor. He thanked the family and the doctors who stayed by his side.

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