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Men Brutally Attack Cop — Patrol Car Door Opens, Fur Missile Launches

Criminal gangs have attacked several innocent police officers and USA Today has reported that these crimes are intolerable. Criminal gangs intend to kill these police officers who are in charge of the duty to protect the implementation of the law and maintain security in the state.

Deputy Bass spoke about this and says that now they don’t feel safer even going to their homes. The activity of criminal gangs has increased and the police feel threatened by this danger. Many criminals are not afraid of punishment and do not think about what will happen to them if they are caught committing a terrible crime like this.

Policemen and women are always on duty to protect the country and enforce the law. If the lives of police officers are endangered, everyone’s lives are endangered. Currently, a terrible event has occurred in Hancock County. Todd Fraizer was checking an empty road during the night shift and decided to stop in Pearlington, Mississippi.

The policeman saw a man inside a parked car and thought he needed help, so he went there. The car was located near a wooded area and the car’s lights were off. He had never thought that something so terrible would happen to him. Some noises were heard near him coming from the part of the forest near which the car was parked.

This was a terrible trap that these bandits had made. The man in the car got out and two other men approached from the forest. They hit the policeman hard with knives and other cold weapons. The chief investigator for the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office spoke about the incident.

This is shocking. Deputy Fraizer immediately fell to the ground after the attack.

After throwing the policeman to the ground, the criminals dragged him to the forest. He tried to escape but they threatened to kill him if he moved.”

Deputy Don Bass said that the men did not know that they had opened many problems for themselves with this crime they committed. According to CNN, there was a Belgian Malinois in the police car that was trained to deal with such dangerous situations.

K-9 Lucas had to find a way out of the car. The policeman managed to open the door of the patrol car remotely. Lucas immediately got out of the car and immediately turned to attack the men.

Lucas saved the policeman’s life and that is a miracle. The police are investigating the place to find the criminals. These situations have started to become even more dangerous for the police. Fraizer was rescued by a trained dog, but it may not always be such an opportunity. This event shocked everyone.

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