Meghan Markle Was “Upset For Days” After She And Harry Were Mocked In anew ‘South Park’ Episode

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have shown many times that they need privacy and apparently they should ask for this language again. Harry’s book revealed many secrets and details of your relationship and the couple’s family life. This was the first time that the couple was exposed to the world in this way. Successes and failures; Harry’s book talks about everything we never thought we’d hear about the Duke and Meghan family.

But another event seems to have made the couple feel bad and it is about the well-known South Park comedy. They decide to joke with the couple and this is not liked at all by Meghan. They describe the new royal couple as “The Prince and his wife”. This is not the first time that Meghan feels insulted.

After their separation from the royal family, the couple decided to live in the US and stay away from the cameras. It has been very difficult for them to maintain the privacy of their family during these years. But people are very curious about the Sussexes and have often asked them to tell more about the details of the relationship that Harry and Meghan have. And Harry has done this in his book. It includes important moments that have gained everyone’s attention.

The couple has not yet given statements behind their characters used in the South Park show. But it is clear that they did not like this joke at all. Many fans of the couple and other people share the opinion that this joke is excessive. This is not the first time South Park has done this. They have imitated and made jokes with other well-known characters.

In South Park, the writer begins the story of the Sussex couple with a part of the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. We are talking about the part where Megjan seems to be blocked by the cameras. Another moment is Harry who is promoting his newest book. Although Harry described the important moments of their family, in the show it was treated as a joke.

When Harry talked about the book, he showed that he is happy that there was so much interest from people to read it. A large part of the book is focused on Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis.

In the South Park show, Meghan has been called a “sorority girl” and a “victim.” This was offensive and Meghan may have been quick to make a statement. But fans are convinced that this joke was not pleasant at all. The episode of South Park had gone from Britain.

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