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Meet Megan And Morgan, The “Trueblue Twins” Who Are An Internet Sensation

Megan and Morgan are twin girls who are stunning everyone with their beauty. The TrueBlue twins are identical and very beautiful. Their photo was shared a few years ago and the two girls became loved and known very quickly to the public.

They are also known as “Trublue Twins”. The girls are very nice and special. both are African American and have blue eyes. This is a special case and it quickly attracted the attention of people on social media.

TrueBlue Twins

Twins with blue eyes attract attention in the world of fashion. But it doesn’t end there. Megan has both blue eyes, while Morgan has one blue eye and one brown eye. The case of different eye colors is special and this condition is known as heterochromia.

TrueBlue Twins

Both girls are in perfect health and feel very happy with their condition. Also, no one can doubt their eyesight because they see very well, according to the doctor. This makes the girls more special and their mother shows that she is very proud of her daughter’s appearance.

Doctors say that the girls may have inherited this from their mother and grandfather. The little ones today are taking the first steps toward their success. They have signed contracts with many well-known firms and present clothing for children. Their mother makes sure that the girls always dress nicely and posts their photos on social media.

TrueBlue Twins

The twins participated in the fashion show in Jacksonville and presented some beautiful clothes. Their mother is also making sure that the girls don’t get money, but only the clothes and the brands they present. She has decided that her daughters make their own free choice. The father of trueblue twins is also afraid of the attention his daughters have received. He wants them to be calm and polite.

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