Man Mocked For Being With 252 lb Woman, Has The Perfect Response To Shut Haters Up

Matt and Brittany Montgomery are a young couple who found love despite the size difference between them. Brittany has struggled with her body image due to her plus-size figure and negative experiences with men who either wanted her to lose weight or fetishized her curves. But in August 2020, she met Matt on Facebook, and their souls connected on a level like never before. Matt fully accepts Brittany for who she is and focuses on making her happy. He proposed to her in January 2022, and they began planning their lives together.

However, the couple has faced criticism from people who fail to understand their deep connection. People have left rude comments on their social media posts, suggesting that Matt is not big enough or man enough for Brittany. Matt shared that he notices people staring at them when they walk down the street.

Despite all the criticism, the couple has nothing but love for each other. They want to remove the stigma behind “mixed-weight” relationships and wish they were more common and more in the norm. In March 2022, they welcomed their first child, Lakelyn, and just last month announced that they are expecting their second child together in September 2023.

Matt’s response to the haters is a solid one. He wrote a post for Brittany expressing his appreciation for her and how she makes him feel. He stated that she is worthy and deserving of infinite love every single day and more. His caption shows people leaving rude comments on their pictures, but he loves his wife, and they have a connection that goes beyond the physical.

Matt’s response is a stark reminder of the importance of having the conviction of your beliefs. Truly, there are no set parameters when it comes to finding true love and what makes someone happy. We should all accept and love one another regardless of anything else!

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