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Man Arrested After Appearing To Rush Queen Elizabeth’s Coffin

One of the events that are circulating in the media is the detention of the security guard. He was accused of rushing Queen Elizabeth’s coffin during the ceremony. He is suspected of running towards Queen Elizabeth’s coffin.

This action was not well received by the members of the royal family and by the institutions. Therefore, some call this moment an incident, and it happened in the palace where the Queen’s body was kept. Later, the Parliamentary Command arrested the man suspected of the incident.

The arrest was made around 22:00 and the officers reported the news. The suspect was sentenced to detention, but the man’s name was not released. According to reports, the man jumped out of the queue and ran towards the Queen.

He went up to touch her coffin. So, at this moment, the ceremony was divided and was not broadcast live on television. This lasted about 15 minutes and then it was back to normal.

Everyone was shocked when the man rushed to Queen Elizabeth’s coffin

No one could believe that such an incident would happen in such an important ceremony. This event was called disturbing. Some even described it as a breach of peace and national security.

The man acted very quickly. Initially, many noises were heard and people could not understand what was happening. In addition, some people panic because they were scared of this action.

About 2,000 people who came to honor the queen took part in the ceremony. The funeral will begin at 10:35. The burial of the Queen will start at 11:00. The Queen’s coffin will be moved to Westminster Hall in Westminster Abbey.

The entire royal family took part in the ceremony. Everyone gathered to say the last goodbye to Queen Elizabeth. The event will be broadcast live on television, so all people will be able to watch the ceremony.

Queen Elizabeth's Coffin

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