Little Johnny Asks His Mother About Her Chest

In a humorous and slightly awkward family scenario, we find Little Johnny, a curious child who innocently stumbles upon a peculiar sight during a shower with his mother. Johnny, not fully understanding what he’s seeing, points to his mother’s chest and inquires about the mysterious objects there.

Caught off guard and unsure how to address this delicate topic, Johnny’s mother decides to deflect the question, assuring herself that it will be forgotten. She instructs Johnny to ask his father about it during breakfast the next day, believing that time will make the matter fade away. However, Johnny proves to be persistent, and the following morning, he turns to his father with the same question.

His father, perhaps more comfortable with providing answers, decides to come up with a creative response. He tells Johnny that those objects on his mother’s chest are balloons, adding a poignant twist: when his mother eventually passes away, they can inflate those balloons, allowing her to float to heaven. Johnny, with his young and impressionable mind, finds this explanation fascinating and doesn’t press further questions.

He accepts the idea that his mother’s balloons will serve as a means for her journey to heaven. Time passes, and a few weeks later, Johnny’s father arrives home early from work. He is greeted by an emotionally distraught Johnny, who rushes out of the house in tears, exclaiming that his mother is dying. Shocked and concerned, Johnny’s father urgently asks why he believes his mother is in such dire straits.

Through his sobs, Johnny manages to explain, revealing the comical misunderstanding. He explains that Uncle Harry is currently “blowing up Mommy’s balloons,” and his mother is screaming, “Oh G*d, I’m coming!”

This humorous story relies on the innocent curiosity of a child and the playful misunderstanding of a situation. It plays with the dual meaning of the word “coming,” creating a comedic twist that highlights the importance of clear communication within a family.

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