King Charles Presents ‘Ungracious And Unkind’ Side After Lashing Out On Camilla In Public, Expert Claims

After the Queen’s death, Charles became the King of Great Britain. He and the royal palace have confirmed that the King will be crowned on May 6, 2023.

It is also confirmed that the participation in the coronation of King Charles will not be as large as in the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. The coronation will take place in Westminster Abbey. After the death of the Queen, her son immediately passed to the throne and began to make the first reforms in the royal palace.

Regarding the invitations to the ceremony, it is still not clear if Prince Harry and Meghan will take part in this important moment for King Charles. Their relationship with the royal family has not been good lately. After the death of the Queen, Meghan tried to fix the situation but without success.

But the situation is becoming even more difficult after the publication of the series that talks about Harry, Meghan, and their relationship with the royal family. The series seems to have created discontent on social media and in England in particular. But the royal family is feeling this more, some of whom have chosen not to comment on this situation.

This documentary has created many debates and things have become even more complicated than they were. The death of the Queen greatly affected the royal family and all English people. This loss will always be remembered and the Royal Palace holds the Queen’s name in high esteem. The publication of the documentary has turned into the center of attention, the beginning of Meghan’s relationship with the royal family. In the documentary, Harry and Meghan told more about their private life and the secrets of the royal family that not many know.

Although this documentary has made a lot of noise, many members of the royal family have not wanted to give any comment about it. Also, Prince William and Princess Kate did not want to talk about the documentary. Recently, King Charles is dealing with the organization of the Christmas party, but the Sussexes have refused the invitation to spend the holidays together. This has made the situation even more complicated.

The trailer for the long-awaited documentary with Meghan Markle and Prince Harry caused a stir. Early on, Harry could be heard saying: “Nobody sees what goes on behind closed doors. I had to do everything I could to protect my family,”.
As for Camilla, it seems that she is trying to improve the situation. Recently, an event has attracted everyone’s attention and it is about the king’s visit to Wrexham in Wales.

Camilla asked the king to meet someone in Wrexham but he did not like this situation and asked Camilla to hurry. He was worried and asked Camille to hurry. Judi James has described the King’s body language and shows that he showed his temper by ordering Camilla to leave. According to her, the King behaved unfaithfully and inappropriately toward his wife.

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