Kim Kardashian Says She Would Eat A ‘Bowl of Poop’ If It Would Make Her Younger, Reveals Cosmetic Work On Face

Kim Kardashian’s statements regarding beauty have surprised everyone, but in fact, it is not unexpected for Kim. She always says statements that remain long in the attention of the pink media.

This time she admitted that she could eat a bowl of poop if it would make her younger and more beautiful. Kim is a beautiful woman and has worked hard on her body to get her current look. She admits that she is ready to do everything to look even more beautiful.

She didn’t even hesitate in her answer, but she said that she is ready to eat a bowl of poop for the sake of beauty. The 41-year-old admitted this during an interview but later retracted this statement saying that she would not do such a thing.

Her statement was exactly like this: “If someone told me to eat a bowl of poop every day to make me look younger, I’d probably say yes.”

Her surgical interventions and lifestyle show that Kim is obsessed with beauty and always wants to look as beautiful as possible. Kim Kardashian has taken care of her appearance by using cosmetic methods, even after the birth of her children.

But if we were to go back to Kim’s old photos, we can see a huge change in her face and body. In her interview for Allure magazine, she stated that she did not use lip or cheek fillers. She has even denied that she used injections or botox in her face.

However, she says that she likes to look beautiful and that she would do anything for that. During the interview, she says that she has a tiring day and that she is forced to do beauty treatments at night.

Even though she has children, Kim says she always finds time to take care of herself or do beauty treatments. She is satisfied with her appearance and wants to improve it even more.

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