Just Two Days Before Her Tragic Passing, Lisa Marie Presley Walked the Golden Globes Red Carpet. This Was Her Final Interview

Lisa Marie Presley songwriter and singer, the only daughter of Elvis Presley died at 54. It is really touching to watch Lisa Marie’s last interview video below. She crashed at 1.28.

Her death is confirmed by her mother Priscilla. ‘It is very difficult to share the devastating news that my daughter Lisa left us.’

Lisa Marie suffered cardiac arrest on Thursday. She was found by her housekeeper unresponsive in the bathroom.

We offer our condolences to family and friends.

It is true that people do not appreciate the movies of their beloved ones after their death. But Lisa Marie was blown away by the portrayal of her father by Austin Butler.

Lisa Marie Presley, Singer-Songwriter And Daughter of Elvis, Dead At 54

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