Joanna And Chip Gaines Answers On Accusations

Joanna Gaines has commented on the anti-LGBTQ claims that people have against her and her husband. She says that she was trying to make her show as diverse as possible. However, people’s criticisms do not end. Some time ago, the followers of this show asked the leaders to make the show more diverse and inclusive to make it even more entertaining.

That’s why Joanna decided to include in her show different parts of life and culture in the USA. Therefore, her followers from different economic and health situations would find themselves even more involved in this show. But recently their show is receiving complaints.

According to her, they are the same people who previously advised her to make the show more diverse. But she could not have thought that I would receive criticism for racism against the LGBTQ community. She says that she cannot accept such accusations. Many commentators have called them racist. She shows that she has taken care to have diversity in their program, starting with the head of the Mind for Design program. “He is gay and he is a talented boy.”

People think that not showing same-sex couples in the program is racist. Joanna and her husband have not accepted these criticisms and do not support them at all. She has always supported the causes that have been raised to protect human rights. Joanna told more about the criticism she received during the pandemic.

She spoke about the experiences of her family members during this period. She showed on social media how her mother experienced this situation and this difficult period. But it faced criticism from commentators. This is an unacceptable situation that should be ended.

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