Jimmy Carter And Rosalynn Carter Have Been Sending Secret Love Messages To Each Other Since The 1940’s

Jimmy Carter and Rosalynn Carter are the longest-married presidential couple. They have shown how they managed to keep this relationship for so long. The couple celebrated their 76th wedding anniversary and are very happy to be near each other even these days. It is unbelievable but their love story started 90 years ago. They have paid attention to even the smallest things about their partner, and thus they have maintained a very healthy relationship.

At that time Jimmy’s mother was a nurse, she helped give birth to Rosalynn on August 18, 1927. Little did anyone know that the couple would marry in 1946. Jimmy Carter then stayed in the army and returned in 1953 and after the death of his father, he set political goals. Jimmy became the President of the United States in 1976. Rosalynn stood by her husband during this period and for Jimmy, it was very important.

They had a difficult marriage because the couple had to move to different places, according to the task assigned to Jimmy. But Rosalynn didn’t mind that at all. He said that he was very lucky that his wife understood him and was there to support him and help him during this period.
ILYTG is the code that became so important in the couple’s life.

This expression was preserved in the Jimmy Carter Presidential Library and Museum in Atlanta, Georgia. When her husband was president, Rosalynn was a mental health advocate. The president says that he loves his wife very much even now at this age. The couple now lives in Plains Georgia.

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