Jennifer Lopez’s Unretouched Photographs Showcase Her Lovely, Unaltered Appearance

Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous women in the world. The 53-year-old star is a real beauty and a role model.

She has never been afraid to show her natural beauty and introduce her own skincare line. Jennifer has no trouble showing her face to the followers before getting ready in the morning.

She showed her daily routine while in a white bathrobe and looked stunning without wearing any makeup.

Accident Occurs at Jennifer Lopez, Ben Affleck’s Wedding, Ambulance Called to the Scene

We all heard that Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck’s wedding started out with a bit of chaos. They shared romantic moments with their friends and family in Georgia. When they were preparing for the big party, they found themselves in an ambulance.

Affleck’s mom, Chirs Anne Boldt was rushed to the hospital after she took a spill. She had fallen off one of the docks on the house.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez have engaged again. They are taking their flame to a next level for a second time.

They decided to give their romantic relationship a second try after they broke off almost 20 years before. 

We are smarter, older and we have more experience. We have kids and are at different places in our lives, and we have to be conscious of these things, Lopez said. 

She believes that their reunion is a beautiful thing at a great time. We have been in the game enough to know what really matters and what doesn’t matter. 

We live our lives in a way we can be proud and our kids can be proud of us, she continued. 

JLo announced the exciting news in a video on her official website. She was shown emotional over the engagement, and also showed a gorgeous engagement ring. 

They haven’t been public together, only a couple of appearances on the red carpet. What a great and happy couple! Congratulations!

Fans took to Instagram to share their thoughts on her dress and her wedding ring.

One user wrote: I didn’t think her dress would be a simple one.

Another one wrote: I consider that dress so underwhelming.

A third one wrote: Hope that is not the wedding dress.

The fans were also slamming the wedding ring. J Lo shared a morning-after wedding photo in her bed.

A user wrote: ‘When is the divorce?’

Another one said: ‘No need to see her in bed.’

One user wrote: ‘Another ring to add to her collection.’

But the trolling wouldn’t stop.

More rings than the Olympic emblem wrote another one.

‘How can you get excited for someone that has been married 30 times?’ wrote another person.

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