In Innocent Looking Toy Destroys 75 percent Of A Young Boy’s Eyesight

A teenage boy from Tasmania suffered a tragic accident that resulted in the loss of approximately 75 percent of his eyesight due to a laser pointer. The incident was reported by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. The boy had briefly shone the laser in his eyes, causing severe damage to his retinas.

The family consulted Ben Armitage, an optometrist with 14 years of experience, who examined the boy’s eyes and discovered the irreversible harm caused by the laser. The central vision, responsible for detailed vision, was particularly affected by the damage. The boy did not experience immediate pain, but his vision was impaired as soon as the laser light hit the back of his eyes.

The damaged area was the macula, which indicated a high likelihood of permanent blindness. While there was hope that some vision might return once the swelling subsided, it was also possible that the boy would have to live with only 25 percent vision for the rest of his life.

The Chief Executive of Optometry in Tasmania, Geoff Squibb, issued a warning to parents about the dangers of laser pointers, especially when children are involved. He emphasized that children may not fully comprehend the gravity of their actions and engage in foolish behaviors like shining lasers into their eyes. Squibb urged parents to educate their children about these risks to prevent similar devastating incidents from occurring in the future.

The case highlighted the deceptive nature of laser pointers, which may appear harmless but can cause severe damage to the retinal components of vision, acting as “silent destroyers.” The incident serves as a reminder of the importance of caution and responsible use when handling laser devices.

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