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Howie Mandel on Being Honest About His Mental Health Struggles

Howie Mandel has decided to talk about his health and the problems he has been living with lately. It is not possible for a well-known person to feel calm and maintain his privacy.

While he was working, his emotional and health condition was not so good. However, he has agreed to talk about his mental state and his feelings. He admits that he is taking medication to heal.

For a long time he has had problems with anxiety and stress. Today, the 65-year-old has found the solution in the treatments given by the doctors. This condition started when he was little. Mandel has had a difficult life and felt alone most of the time.

Howie Mandel

Many people felt strange when they were next to him and always directed epithets that hurt Mandel. Today he is one of the most successful people and America Got Talent makes many people laugh with the most beautiful and comic jokes.

He has suffered from nightmares for a long time. He feels good with his family. But according to him, this period has tired him a lot and he thinks that he cannot recover from it. One of the things that kept going through his mind was the fact that they could die. This was becoming more and more disturbing every day.

He has also passed the pandemic period with difficulty. During this time he lived with his family. His childhood was very difficult. But growing up, he found solace in comedy and humor.

Howie Mandel

He says that there were difficult periods during his work in television that he felt very bad. According to him, depression has made his life more difficult.

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