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Greek Farmer Accidentally Discovers 3,400 YO Minoan Tomb Hidden Under Olive Grove

The discoveries of objects and dwellings that date back to ancient times arouse the curiosity of everyone. There are so many undiscovered things in the world that you can be amazed by. Their history is built in different circumstances. Usually, the discoverers get excited during these moments. They feel like they are going back in time. A man has discovered a Minoan tomb hidden about 3400 years old.

Minoan tomb

This grave is located in Southeast Crete and recently it was discovered that their grave has not been touched since that time. In that “tomb”, there were two men who may have died around 1400 and 1200 BC. The underground part where the men were found was carved limestone.

Minoan tomb

A man while passing by his property saw something he had not seen before, a Minoan tomb.

He was passing by with his vehicle when he noticed that the ground was giving way. This made a great impression on the man and he decided to see what was happening. After the soil was released, a hole appeared in the ground that had not appeared before.

Minoan tomb

This was the grave of the men of Crete. After the archaeologists studied the terrain, they saw that this was an important cultural and historical legacy. At that time, people were buried in coffins with different materials. Mainly the Minoans were buried in clay coffins.

For the Bronze Age, this was something very normal. Yes, this was not for all layers of society. Those who were richer and more distinguished had the opportunity to be buried in this way. This stone part has not been touched for about 3400 years.

Minoan tomb

This event surprised everyone, especially the farmer. He did not think that historical graves would appear on his property. Two clay coffins appear underground. The dead were from a high stratum of the population. This is due not only to the burial method but also due to the presence of vases and decorative accessories in the grave.

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