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A Guy Wanted To Humiliate The Bus Driver By Starting To Record An Unusual Scene On The Bus

One day while a driver was on duty, something unexpected happened. There were many people on the bus and they noticed something unusual. According to them, there were some insects in the driver’s coat that were crawling on the driver’s body.

They noticed that these insects were also in the driver’s neck and ears. They didn’t wait long, and the event was immediately shared on Facebook. Many people said that this was an ugly and abnormal sight.

The passengers realized that these insects were lice. Another passenger decided to share this image on the Internet. besides this, an argument started between the driver and the passengers. Primo Onipa, after filming this moment, spoke to the driver about this situation.

No one liked the heavy smell of the driver. The driver was used to living this kind of life. He looked like he hadn’t washed and hadn’t changed his clothes for a long time. Many people on social media criticized and commented on the event as unacceptable.

The man who captured the video also wrote below it that a person with lice cannot be a driver, because this could affect the health of the bus passengers.
This bus carried a lot of passengers and this could be something negative for those who boarded the bus.

Everyone knows that lice are not very harmful insects, but they are disgusting and annoying. At the same time, they cause itching. Also, their presence can take you away from people.

This happens because lice can spread very quickly in a short time. Lice are usually found behind the ear and on the lower part of the neck. In some people, they are also found on the forehead.

Lice create bigger problems when an itchy scalp becomes unavoidable. Infections can be one of the problems you can encounter from these parasites.

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