Grandma Killed in Gender Reveal Explosion

Gender reveal parties have become increasingly popular in recent years, where expectant parents reveal their baby’s gender to friends and family with a variety of surprises. However, for one Iowa family, the celebration turned into tragedy when a grandmother was killed instantly during a gender reveal party. Palmer Kreimeyer, 56, died after being struck on the head by flying debris, a piece of metal from an explosive device designed to expose either pink or blue smoke.

According to the Marion County Sheriff’s Department, the Kreimeyer family was experimenting with different types of explosive material in an attempt to record a gender reveal that could be posted on social media.

They created a homemade stand, which was loaded with gunpowder and was meant to emit blue or pink smoke. Palmer and others were around 14 meters away from the gender reveal apparatus when it exploded. A piece of metal debris hit her with such force that it flew over 400 feet before landing in a field.

The Marion County Sheriff’s Office found that the family had been experimenting with various homemade devices to create the “ideal” reveal that their families and friends have never witnessed. Their experimentation went too far, resulting in a tragic accident.

Police advise individuals to exercise extreme caution when using any explosive device and to avoid making any handmade devices. It is safer to use confetti or other less dangerous alternatives to ensure everyone’s safety.

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