Frank Fritz of The American Pickers Tragic News

Life takes us on unexpected journeys sometimes. Frank Fritz has been going through a lot lately, despite being a successful television fixture.

He had a longtime partner, Diann Bankson, with which he had a turbulent divorce. This led Frank to alcoholism, health risks and unemployment.

Bankson claimed that she found Fritz in bed with another woman. ‘I was going to get married,’ said Fritz. I got a ring and a large house but I discovered that my fiancee had been seeing somebody for more than 2 years.

He began drinking a lot to heal his broken heart. This is the way he dealt with his breakup.

Heost his work and no longer hosted American Pickers from 2020. During these difficult times for him, his longtime friend requested and was approved to be his temporary guardianship on his behalf.

He was appointed as his guardian to manage everything for him. Fritz’s condition was deteriorating and he couldn’t make his own decisions.

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