Former President Jimmy Carter Lives In House Worth $210,000 And Shops At The Local Dollar General

Modesty is a virtue not everyone possesses. It is very hard except when you have experienced the luxury of life. This is not quite true for the oldest-living president of the U.S., Jimmy Carter.

He is a humble man living with his wife in Georgia since he left The White House and handed the presidency to Ronald Reagan.

According to Zillow, his house is valued at around 200,000$ built-in 1961. Even though he was the most powerful human at that moment, he never took any advantage of his fame, popularity, and power.

He lives a very modest life, and he shops at the local Dollar General. He has renovated more than 4,300 houses in 14 countries.

They will celebrate their 75th wedding anniversary. We wish his family a happy life.

They hold the title for the longest-married presidential couple. So how does the couple survive the trials of 75 years of marriage?

They say it is all about a few simple things.

We are getting closer and closer together. We never go to bed angry, we share several hobbies. We enjoy simpler things in life. We respect each other’s space. We are always looking for things to do together. I love her more than ever. I have been very happy, says Jimmy.

We wish them a happy anniversary!

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