Bill Clinton and Hillary Have Been Married For 46 Years And She Rejected Him Twice Before Their Marriage

One of the most mentioned couples is Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. Bill is one of the most successful politicians in the world. His name has been mentioned several years in a row in the world of politics because his influence was great. He and Hillary have been together for more than 45 years.

But their relationship is interesting because something happened before their final marriage. They are known for the healthy marriage they have built. Also, they have been by each other’s side in the most difficult moments.

Hillary wasn’t sure about marriage

Initially, Hillary was not sure about marriage and Bill Clinton asked her twice before they got married. The Clinton couple met in college for the first time. Bill had a difficult childhood. At the age of 4, his mother married another man. He did not behave well with Billy and used violence in the family.

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In an interview, Bill shows his prudence by saying that he never hated his stepfather, but his behavior.
Bill was an outstanding student and spent time reading and studying in school. He was very talented in music and thought that his career would be related to the saxophone. His political career began in high school. Bill Clinton studied at Georgetown University. While in 1968, he won a scholarship to the University of Oxford. During this period he met Hillary.

Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton’s love story

They were students at Yale when they fell in love with each other. They met in 1971. He described Hillary as the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. “I entered the classroom and saw Hillary. She had a special smile, yellow hair, beautiful eyes.” Bill always describes his acquaintance with his wife with sympathy. They met in the library when Hillary decided to talk to Bill first.

She says that she was introduced by saying “At least we should know each other’s name. I’m Hillary Rodham.” They started going out together and meeting. After 2 years together he proposed to Hillary but she did not accept this proposal even though she was in love.

She didn’t feel ready yet. This happened a year later when Hillary rejected him for the second time. Hillary says that she had her doubts and that Bill had left her free to say “yes” when she felt ready.

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When Bill asked her for the third time she answered “yes”. They organized a small ceremony with few guests. Hillary is very happy about the decision she made. In 1980 they were blessed with their daughter Chelsea Clinton. Today the couple celebrates their 45th wedding anniversary and they are happier than ever.

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