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Following An Unflattering Photo During A Royal Visit, King Charles Referred To William And Kate Ss Tasteless

Kate and Prince William have a beautiful love story. They are very happy and in love with each other. Their 11-year marriage can be said to be successful and wonderful. They tried to maintain their position in public and in front of the paparazzi. However, they grow up to successfully maintain their relationship. King Charles described them.

King Charles

Regardless of the beauty of this couple, in their first photo appearances, King Charles described them as “tasteless”.

The couple fell in love when they were students. Their relationship has had its ups and downs like any relationship. But they have tried to create a successful relationship. Kate tried to change a lot during this period and it was not easy for her.

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King Charles describes Prince William

She adapted to royal life and changed everything in her way of life. At the beginning of their relationship, Kate was described as a simple girl, even though her family was very rich and ran several successful businesses. Kate also went by names like “Lay Katie” before marrying Prince William.
The prince was very much in love with Kate and was convinced that the relationship with her would be the right relationship to continue life.

King Charles describes Prince William

So he decided to marry her. However, Kate was not liked by the royal family. She made a lot of effort to adapt to the new life. She and Prince William married in 2011. But Charles was not happy with them. They did a photo shoot that Charles didn’t like that much. He called both of them “tasteless” for the choice they had made.

King Charles describes Prince William

After the marriage, the couple decided to travel to the USA and Canada. After this period, it seems that Prince William’s relationship with his father has not been good.

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