FBI Officials Deliver First Public Comments About the Chris Watts Murder Investigation: Domestic Violence Can Happen Anywhere

The news of Chris Watts and his crime is one of the examples of crimes in the family, which show that crimes can happen anywhere. Chris killed his pregnant wife and two daughters four years ago. The gruesome murder caused a great uproar in public opinion and aroused hatred toward Chris.

He killed his wife and then buried her. While he threw his two daughters into a crude oil tank. The murder was investigated by the FBI and he confessed to the crime on August 15. The court sentenced him to 3 consecutive life imprisonments.

In addition, the murder he committed was assessed as first-degree murder and he was sentenced to 48 years in prison because his wife was pregnant. He has committed a terrible crime and will suffer the punishment for it.

His 36th anniversary would find him in prison this time. He was also sentenced to 36 years in prison for molesting the dead body.

The murder that Chris Watts committed is one of the most cold-blooded and horrible murders.

After many investigations, the agents discovered that he committed the crime and later the killer admitted his guilt.

Chris Watts

In 2022, Watts admitted that he is the murderer of his family. He has narrated all the crime scenes and the way he committed the murder. From his confession, people remember that the older daughter called him “Daddy, no” before he killed her.

Agent Tammy Lee says this crime proves that murders are everywhere, and violence can run in many families. According to statistics, about 10 million Americans are victims of violence. Investigators say that every day they have to investigate crime scenes that center on murder or sexual abuse.

“Violence can be anywhere and it affects even family members,” said Tammy Lee. According to the investigator, the case of Watts is one of the scariest cases she has heard. She could not accept the fact that a father could kill his pregnant wife and children. Watts has also given details of the burial and this thing according to her is “sick”.

Chris Watts was cold-blooded during the crime. But I know he will spend the rest of his life in prison. According to Watts’ account, every night he hears his daughter saying “Daddy, no”. “He deserves to feel that way,” says Lee. No one should remain silent in the face of violence.

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