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15YO’s Shop Class Table Stuns DIYers Around The World

All the children gave gifts to their parents and tried to surprise them with different things. However, every child can give cards, flowers, boxes of chocolates, or a small toy bear. But this child wanted to surprise his family by giving them something unique that no one could think of. He created a table.

The 15-year-old was enrolled in the woodworking class and decided to give his family a wooden table for the house. He succeeded and his story went viral.

The boy used his creativity to make a very beautiful work to present to his family. It took him a long time to complete the table. Below you will follow the steps for building this table

First, he found the materials.


Then he created an internal frame.


He created the legs of the table.


Now he would like to add another base.

The boy decided to give it a darker color.


The boy decided to put LED lights around it.

Without the mirror, a table with this model would not make sense.


He added a mirror to give the effect.

Now he had to add another mirror glass.


That was amazing. It was illuminated by many lights. A truly wonderful piece of work.


He surprised his family and won a big prize in his school.

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