Father And Son Die In Car Accident, Then Suddenly The Boy Opens His Eyes And Reveals What He’s Seen

This is the surprising event that happened to Julie Kemp. Her son Landon has returned from the dead and told what was happening. All about how hard it is for parents to lose their children at a young age. This is not the first time that Julie Kemp has lost her son. The same thing has happened to her three times and Landon has returned from the dead.

This incident happened when Julie Kemp and her husband, Andy, were returning home by car. They were sitting in the front of the car while their 8-year-old son was sitting in the back. On the way, something unexpected happened. An ambulance was speeding toward the car and it exploded. The car suffered a lot of damage, but the worst is that Julie’s beloved husband, Andy, lost his life.

While Julie was in a critical state of health, rescue teams immediately arrived at the scene of the accident.

First, they checked the health condition of the parents. Then they saw that there was another passenger in the car. Landon was lying unconscious in the back of the car. The workers of the rescue team saw a child’s shoe and were surprised. They checked the car and saw that the little boy had lost his life.

They took care to give first aid to the boy, even though he was not breathing. The rescue team had hopes that the little boy would be saved. Then the emergency workers immediately sent the boy to the hospital, because he started breathing. The ambulance workers were shocked. The boy lost consciousness two more times on the way to the hospital. They were afraid that the boy might die and would not survive.

After being admitted to the hospital, Landon began to improve as the days went by. He was healthy and had not suffered a stroke. When he was talking to his mother he said “I know where daddy is, I saw him in heaven.” Everyone was surprised and it was a miracle.

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