Discovering the Special Bond among the Jackson Siblings

In a heartwarming revelation, Paris Jackson, the 25-year-old daughter of the legendary Michael Jackson, shared a touching moment about the deep and extraordinary bond she shares with her siblings during an episode of her Facebook Watch series, Unfiltered. The surprise element came in the form of Omer Bhatti, a 38-year-old Norwegian dancer and rapper, who considers himself an older brother to the Jackson children.

Omer’s unique place in the family was unveiled, contrary to the belief that Prince Jackson, 26, and Blanket Jackson, 21, were Paris’ only brothers. Omer explained that he had been there for Paris since she was a baby, effectively helping raise her, and he lovingly considers her his younger sister in every way. He expressed immense joy at becoming part of the Jackson family, fulfilling his lifelong dream of having younger siblings with Prince, Paris, and Blanket.

Paris reciprocated the love and admiration for her older brothers, emphasizing the profound bond they share. Unlike typical sibling disputes, Paris and Omer have never had conflicts, and their bond remains unbreakable and filled with love.

Omer had the unique perspective of observing the Jackson siblings’ journeys and gaining insight into their personalities as they grew up. He noted Paris’ rebellious nature, describing her as more rebellious than Prince. Recognizing the alignment between himself and Prince in terms of values and teachings, Omer took it upon himself to guide Paris, fulfilling the role of an older brother.

Omer, popularly known as O-Bee, first encountered Michael Jackson at the young age of nine when he began performing. Reflecting on their connection, Omer revealed that Michael Jackson became a father figure and mentor to him. He absorbed knowledge and experiences like a sponge and saw Michael as his role model, which led to him joining Michael on tour.

These extraordinary relationships, forged through love and shared experiences, continue to thrive within the Jackson family. Paris, Prince, and Blanket have found comfort in having an “older brother” like Omer, who has been a steadfast support through the ups and downs of their lives. The bond among the Jackson siblings is a testament to the power and beauty of chosen family, demonstrating that the bonds of love and kinship transcend traditional definitions.

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