Corvette Driver Shouldn’t Have Rolled Down Window And Flipped The Bird

A driver got the lesson he deserved after making this mistake he could have avoided. The driver of a sports car did not think about the damage he could cause to other drivers and he had an accident. In Tacoma Washington, it is difficult to drive because of the heavy traffic.

The driver of a pickup truck was upset because of the traffic and wanted to pass immediately in the front lane. But next to him was a boy driving a sports car. Such an action on the highway should be avoided because it could cause great damage.

The driver of the sportive car did not let the truck pass in front of him and flipped the bird from the car window. This event was filmed by the camera of another driver who was near the event. The driver of the red Corvette acted arrogantly and then opened the window and rested his hand on the window.

But this situation became more inflamed when the driver of the Dodge truck saw the bad behavior and approached the Corvette with a truck. He started the engine and smoke poured in through the window of the sports car.

The car filled with smoke and the truck driver had achieved the goal of his revenge.

The driver who filmed the incident can be heard laughing in the video, as he also did not agree with the bad behavior of the boy who was driving the Red Corvette.

The truck driver continued in his lane. He was very tired of the traffic and wanted to cross the other lane, but he was confronted by the driver of the Red Corvette who offended him by flipping the bird from the window.

The thick cloud of black smoke coming out of the truck filled the Corvette and gave him the lesson he deserved for this behavior. No one should be so arrogant. The driver got the lesson he deserved.

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