Catherine Zeta-Jone’s No Make-Up Selfie Confirms What We All Knew

Catherine Zeta-Jones started her acting career at a young age and today she decided to share some of the most important moments of her career. She was born and raised in England, which shows that her mother was her biggest support and encouragement. Her mother helped her to love herself for who she was. Catherine Zeta-Jones revealed that when she was little she did not feel beautiful, but her mother always told her that she was very beautiful and that she should do her best.

Catherine Zeta-Jones shared that when she grew up she began to gain confidence in herself and dare to fight criticism. At the age of 15, Catherine left school and decided to pursue an acting career. She got an important role at the age of 17 and was very happy about it. The beginning of her career was the role in London’s West End in a revival of the musical “42nd Street”.

She mentioned meeting Michael Douglas, the love of her life, as an important moment in her life. Their meeting was a little difficult because the actress did not want to have anything to do with Douglas. But she remembers how the actor told her that one day he would be the father of her children. But then she did not appreciate this sentence. He tried very hard to make Catherine Zeta-Jones his own and the couple managed to create a beautiful love even though they were very busy.

They were blessed with children in 2000 and had a beautiful wedding. After three years they were blessed with a daughter named Carys. Then the actress and her family moved to Bermuda and lived there. The actress speaks today at the age of 53 and says that she is very happy with her life and her family. “I feel good today and I have overcome my insecurities. Now I have realized all my dreams and I feel lucky.”

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