Caroline Kennedy And Her Husband of 36 Years, Edwin Schlossberg, Have Raised Three Wonderful Children

The Kennedys are an iconic American family, with John Kennedy becoming a beloved president who brought hope and change to the nation. His wife, Jackie Kennedy, also known as FLOTUS, became a national treasure for her style and grace. While raising their children, Jackie took on the mission to restore and make the White House more child-friendly with additions like a tree house and swings.

Tragedy struck the Kennedy family when John was assassinated in 1963. Left to raise her children alone, Jackie moved to Georgetown and later New York City to provide them with privacy. She fiercely protected her children and prioritized their well-being above all else.

Caroline, their daughter, faced the loss of her father at a young age but remembered the happy times spent with him in the White House. Despite the challenges, she pursued her education, attending Radcliffe College and getting interested in photography. However, the fame and constant attention as the daughter of a former president made it difficult for her to pursue a career in photography.

Caroline became more involved in politics, serving in various roles and organizations. She was appointed the U.S. ambassador to Japan in 2013 and later the United States Ambassador to Australia in 2022. She cherishes her father’s memory and the impact he had on American history.

Caroline has maintained a private personal life, being married to Edwin Schlossberg since 1963. Edwin is a writer and academic who prefers to stay out of the spotlight. They have three children and recently became grandparents.

Throughout her life, Caroline has worked tirelessly to preserve her father’s legacy and continues to honor his memory. Though she faced grief and challenges, she has achieved success and leads a fulfilling life, carrying on the Kennedy family’s tradition of public service and grace.

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