Bob Barker’s Longtime Girlfriend Offers Update on the Iconic Gameshow Host

Barker turned 99 years old on Monday and everyone congratulated him. The iconic presenter of The Price is Right is celebrating one of the most beautiful anniversaries of his life. His girlfriend Nancy Burnett has spoken more about Barker and his health on this important anniversary of his life.

She and Barker have spent the last 40 years together and are very happy with each other. Nancy has revealed that Barker uses only an important medication for his thyroid.

Everyone thinks that Barker can be a list of medications, but it is not like that at all. He is very healthy and very happy even though he is 99 years old. He only uses a medicine that has been advised by the doctor to be used.

Barker’s life has been very beautiful and has taught him many things. The 99th anniversary will not have any extraordinary party. He will celebrate at home with his family quietly and will not have a big party.

Barker with Burnet’s help decided to become a vegan and this has had a positive effect on his health lately. He eats well and tries to take care of his food.

Everything he consumes must be healthy and this has helped him to have a healthy body. Barker started his career many years ago and the most beautiful part of his career is The Price is Right.

He was not only the host of this show but also his producer. Barker and his show have won 14 Daytime Emmy Awards and The Price is Right is known as one of the most beloved shows.

He liked to work in a group and valued his colleagues. Today he is celebrating his birthday with his family and is happy about the successes he has achieved.

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