A Woman Hide Under Bed To Check Her Husband

This story is strange but at the same time very comical. A woman was upset that her husband was coming home late and this was happening often. Lately, her husband has been late and she decided to find out why. One night when her husband was not coming she decided to try something.

She wrote a note and left it on the table. “My dear. Don’t be upset for me” She thought that in this way she would understand everything. Then she immediately got under the bed and waited for her husband to come home.

After the man came home, he read the note and immediately wrote something on the paper that the woman had left on the table. Then he made a phone call. His wife never thought she would hear this conversation.

After seeing the note, he called someone on the phone and said, “Finally, she’s gone. Get ready, I’m coming to you. Wear the sexiest clothes you have. We will be together and I will do whatever you want”. Then he hung up the phone and left the house.

The woman was very upset by what she heard and her eyes filled with tears. Hurt, she took the letter to read the note that her husband had left and saw that he had written “I saw your feet under the bed. I’m going to get some bread and I’ll be back soon.”

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