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Baby With A Unique Birthmark Is Becoming An Internet Sensation

This baby got everyone’s attention on social media. He was born in Turkey in Ankara and his face has a special shape that looks like it was drawn by hand. Çinar has a unique mark on his face that resembles the shape of a red heart.

This sign has accompanied the little boy since his birth. He was born in 2015. The doctors immediately recognized this sign and showed it to their parents. This sign is very special and distinguishes Çinar from other children in the maternity hospital.

His parents think that their child is the most beautiful in the world. Although every child in the world has a unique appearance and is very beautiful, Çinar looks cute. Many people have called this sign a “symbol of love”.

The commentators say that the boy will be a very loving child and this is evident from his appearance. Even his parents did not believe that their son would have such a special mark on his face.

The parents have spoken about Chinar and say that they are very happy. His father said that he was the one who saw the mark on his son’s forehead for the first time. They have opened a profile for their son and have posted his photos since he was a baby.

When people see him on the street, they are surprised and smile. Çinar is a very beautiful child. The nurses call him a “child of love”. Many people follow his page on Instagram and his photos are liked by people in different parts of the world. Çinar is now 7 years old and looks even cuter with the mark on his face.

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