Alex Murdaugh Found Guilty in Murder of Wife and Son

An unusual event has happened in South Carolina. He was a lawyer and his name is Alex Murdaugh. Alex has done a horrible crime, killing his wife and his son in the year 2021.
The crime scene happened in Moselle, in the family’s house. Even though the lawyer did not accept the crime, he has finally done the judges find him guilty.

More than 70 people witnessed this event. This is not the first time he committed crimes. He has admitted that he lied to the investigators and deceived the clients when he was practicing the profession of lawyer.

Murdaugh was charged with possession of a weapon and assaulting the victims. He was also accused of killing his wife and son. He called 911, lying to them that he had found the bodies of the victims in the house. But after the investigations, he was found guilty and sentenced to 30 years in prison.
He used a gun to kill his 22-year-old son. The police also found another weapon that he used to kill his wife Maggie.

The prosecution presented the evidence before the decision was made and the lawyer was declared the author of the double murder. Alex did not deny that he was addicted to drugs and that he had cheated on his clients to get as much money as possible. He has been doing this for a long time and has collected a large amount of money, about 9 million dollars.

However, he did not accept the murder of his wife and son. The investigators realized that he was guilty because he lied during the questions. But investigators found a video that showed he was at the crime scene minutes before the terrible murder.

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