A Man Bought An Old Farmhouse To Tear Down, Began To Dismantle The Barn And Found One of The Most Expensive Things In The World

Mark Benton purchased an old farmhouse with the intention of demolishing it, primarily for the land it sat on. However, before starting the demolition work, he decided to explore the contents of a barn located on the outskirts of the property. Little did he know, this decision would lead him to a remarkable discovery.

As the creaking gates of the barn swung open, Mark was met with astonishment. Inside the barn, he found a rare and incredibly valuable car—a 1959 Jaguar Mark 2 sedan. This particular model was a departure from Jaguar’s usual offerings, as the company aimed to attract a new audience by combining an elegant body design with a powerful engine.

What set this specific car apart was the fact that it featured the engine of the Jaguar XK sports car, making it one of the fastest vehicles on the market during its time. The Mark 2 sedan was produced in limited quantities, with most of them remaining in England. Therefore, Mark’s discovery of this rare Jaguar on an abandoned farm in Iowa was highly unexpected.

Despite the decades it had spent inside a wooden shed, the car was remarkably well-preserved. Even more surprisingly, documents were found in the glove compartment indicating that the sedan had last been registered in 1983. Recognizing the historical and monetary value of the vehicle, Mark decided to put the car up for auction.

The anticipation surrounding the auction is high, with experts predicting that the Jaguar Mark 2 sedan could fetch several hundred thousand dollars for its new owner. This unexpected find serves as a reminder that hidden treasures can be discovered in the most unlikely places, and the value of classic cars can extend far beyond their initial purchase price.

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