A Man And His Wife Check Into a Hotel

A husband and his wife, weary from their travels, checked into a hotel one evening. The husband’s anticipation of a drink at the hotel bar led him downstairs, leaving his exhausted wife to head straight to their room for some much-needed rest.

As the wife settled onto the comfortable hotel bed, little did she know that an unusual and unexpected event was about to unfold. Out of nowhere, a passing elevated train roared by, shaking the room with such force that she was unceremoniously thrown from the bed. Startled and baffled by the bizarre coincidence, she picked herself up, thinking it must have been a one-time occurrence.

However, just as she attempted to lie down again, the room was rattled once more by another passing train. This time, the force was even more intense, and she crashed to the floor. Frustration and confusion overwhelmed her, and she decided to take matters into her own hands.

With determination, she reached for the phone and called the front desk, urgently requesting the presence of the hotel manager. The manager, though skeptical of her story, quickly arrived at the room. The wife explained the inexplicable phenomenon that had unfolded in their room, hoping to find an answer.

To prove her point, she encouraged the manager to lie down on the bed and experience the unsettling jolts for himself. Reluctantly, the manager agreed and reclined on the bed, unsure of what he would encounter.

Just as the manager hesitated, the husband unexpectedly entered the room, puzzled by the strange sight of his wife and the hotel manager lying side by side on their bed. He demanded an explanation for this bizarre scene.

With a sly grin and a touch of humor, the manager responded, “Would you believe I’m simply waiting for a train?” The punchline landed, and the husband and wife burst into laughter, realizing that the entire ordeal was orchestrated by the mischievous manager as a quirky prank.

In this comical and unexpected turn of events, the manager’s clever timing and sense of humor turned what seemed like a series of peculiar occurrences into a memorable and lighthearted hotel stay for the husband and his wife.

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