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A Family Gifted With Rare Black And White Twins Gets The Same Blessing 7 Years Later

It is a great thing to see a family as a whole, being a remarkable family overcoming incredible obstacles.

Dean Durrant and Alison Spooner were blessed with a set of twins in 2001. But they were special twin sisters, Hayleigh and Lauren Durrant have different skin tones. After their birth, the parents were surprised again.

Another set of twins, Laura and Hayleigh were born, and they are also with different skin tones and eye color. Their parents always had to field questions and common disbelief, the girls would face that too.

On their 18th birthday, Hayleigh spoke and told that they weren’t always accepted by others. Some people say us that we are lying and want us to prove it.

It is like some kind of miracle and we are still amazed for being twins. The family was making headlines. This is something very rare and the family made it to the Guinness World Records.

We wish them a great an awesome life together.

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