A Boy Comes Back From School

A disappointed boy returned home from school after receiving a grade of 0 on his geography exam. Upset, he shared with his mother that the teacher had marked him down because he couldn’t answer a question about Portugal. Concerned, his mother asked him what the question was.

“The question was, ‘Where is Portugal?'” the boy replied.

Enraged by what she perceived as the teacher’s ignorance, the mother decided to take action. She declared that she would call the principal’s office to complain. However, before doing so, she was determined to locate Portugal herself.

She began her search by examining a map of their state but couldn’t find Portugal. Undeterred, she moved on to a map of their region, but Portugal still eluded her. Growing increasingly frustrated, she resorted to looking at a map of their city, yet Portugal remained elusive.

Convinced that Portugal couldn’t be too far away, the mother exclaimed, “I swear Portugal must be close! Our maid, who is from Portugal, comes here every day on her bicycle!”

The anecdote humorously highlights the mother’s misinterpretation of the question and her determination to find Portugal based on her maid’s commute. It serves as a lighthearted reminder that geographical knowledge can sometimes elude us, leading to amusing misunderstandings.

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