9 YO Hears God Telling Her To Look In The Bushes, Gets Closer To It And Finds An Abandoned Baby

In a remarkable turn of events, a newborn baby boy was found abandoned in a backyard, his placenta and umbilical cord still attached. The sun beat down on him, posing a serious threat to his fragile life. However, fate intervened in the form of a 9-year-old girl named Elysa from Indiana.

Engrossed in her playtime in the backyard, Elysa heard unusual noises. Curiosity piqued, she went to investigate, suspecting that one of the pigs may have escaped. Slowly, she ventured around and stumbled upon a heart-stopping sight—tiny pink legs protruding from the ground. Frightened, Elysa sprinted to the house to inform her mother, Heidi Laub, about the perplexing discovery.

Heidi rushed outside to assess the situation and was stunned to find a newborn baby near one of the bushes. Shocked, Elysa recounted her encounter, recalling the moment of realization. It was as if time stood still—pink legs kicking, signifying life. Elysa knew they had to act swiftly and seek help. The baby’s well-being hung in the balance.

Fortunately, the baby was promptly transported to St. Anthony’s Hospital, where doctors confirmed that he was healthy. Surprisingly, he was only a day old. The Lake County Sheriff’s office dubbed Elysa the baby’s guardian angel, acknowledging her extraordinary role in the rescue.

Elysa, humble and aware of a higher power at work, attributed her actions to divine intervention. She firmly believed that God had guided her to the right place at the right time, ensuring the baby’s survival. Without her timely discovery, the situation could have ended tragically. Elysa’s conviction in her purpose and the significance of her actions shone through her words.

Thanks to Elysa’s unwavering bravery and compassion, the abandoned baby boy received a second chance at life. This heartwarming story touched the hearts of many, reminding us of the power of compassion and the potential for miracles even in the most unexpected circumstances.

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