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4 YO Boy Stops Breathing, Dies Week After Common Activity Almost Every Kid Enjoys

The 4-year-old passed away in Texas, a week after he had been swimming with his family. His family was very sad after the death of Francisco Delgado who was a very loving child and had big dreams.

The parents called the 4-year-old “baby Frankie” and they loved him very much. The boy had been having fun with his family at Texas City Dike near Galveston and a week after this event he died.
His family says that the boy had some symptoms that they had not noticed in him before.

He had a stomach ache after swimming. The parent did not think that this would be related to swimming. The boy woke up one evening and stopped breathing. This horrified his parents. They didn’t know what to do at that moment. The Father of Frankie said his son struggled to breathe in the evening and then stopped breathing.

His parents called 911 and were told that their son was not breathing. His mother did not know that her son was out of breath and says that she was scared when she saw him lying down when she entered the room. She thought that her son needed her touch to heal.

But his health condition had deteriorated due to the fluids that had filled his lungs. The doctors said that they could not do anything to bring the 4-year-old boy back to life. His lungs were filled with fluid and this had also affected his heart.

This is otherwise known as “dry drowning”. This health condition is caused a few days after the body has absorbed a lot of liquid. When water enters the lungs, it starts to cause symptoms such as coughing, difficulty breathing, etc.

These symptoms seem very common, but in fact, they are symptoms that appear even when the body is faced with absorbing liquid in large quantities. This drowning is a rare case, but for which doctors call on parents to be careful.

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