You Might Want To Drop By The Dollar Store For 7 Pool Noodles When You See What This Woman Made For Her Grandson

If you’re looking to enhance your pool days with a splash of creativity and relaxation, crafting your own pool noodle flower float is the perfect project for you. In this step-by-step guide, we’ll walk you through the process of creating a delightful and unique pool accessory that will undoubtedly elevate your summer pool adventures.

Materials Needed:
Before you begin crafting your pool noodle flower float, gather the necessary materials:

– **Pool Noodles (Assorted Colors):** You’ll need seven pool noodles for this project.
– **Nylon Cord:** Prepare seven feet of nylon cord.
– **Zip Ties:** Have several zip ties on hand.
– **Scissors:** A pair of scissors will be essential for cutting and trimming.

**Crafting Your Pool Noodle Flower Float:**

Step 1: Preparing the Pool Noodles
– Start by cutting seven seven-foot lengths of nylon cord.
– Thread one cord through each pool noodle. To make this process easier, you can tie one end of the cord to a fishing weight and slide it through the noodle.
– Bend each pool noodle into a petal shape and securely knot the cord to hold the shape in place.

Step 2: Arranging the Petals
– Lay out the pool noodle petals to determine your preferred color pattern, especially if you’re using noodles of different colors.
– Align the noodle petals next to each other, creating the flower shape you have in mind.

Step 3: Securing with Zip Ties
– Use zip ties to secure the petals to each other. Ensure that the ribbed side of the zip ties faces up, and tuck any excess ends between the noodles to prevent scratches.

Step 4: Creating the Flower Center
– Take the left end of the cord from one noodle and tie it to the right end of the cord from the adjacent noodle.
– Continue this knotting technique around the circle, connecting the left and right ends of the cord for each noodle.
– Repeat this process for a second, third, and fourth row of knots. As you progress, the circle will gradually shrink, resembling the center of a flower.

Step 5: Finishing Touches
– If there are any cord strands sticking out from the top of the pool float, thread them through the center hole and secure them tightly using a zip tie.

Your pool noodle flower float is now ready to bring joy to your poolside relaxation. Simply toss it into the pool and enjoy a whimsical and relaxing float.

Crafting your own pool noodle flower float is a fun and rewarding project that adds a touch of charm and relaxation to your pool experiences. Enjoy leisurely moments in the pool on your very own handmade flower float by following these simple steps.

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