Wrap Your Hands Around Those You Care About, Says Dukes Of Hazzard Star John Schneider Of The Passing Of His Wife, Alicia Allain

John Schneider has spoken about the death of his wife at the age of 54, Alicia Allain. The actor of “Duke of Hazzard”. He is very saddened by the death of his wife because unfortunately she died at a young age. He shared his sadness with his fans on his Facebook profile. He dedicated to his wife a beautiful dedication “my precious smile”. Everyone knows how difficult everything will be for the actor.

He went on his Facebook profile that now his wife is in heaven. Along with the dedication he made for his wife, he also posted a photo of the couple. They were very much in love with each other and the actor is now very sad without the love of his life.

Allain’s friend, Elizabeth Schneider, has revealed that the actress suffered from breast cancer before she died. Her condition had deteriorated 3 years before her death. She said that she was afraid for her friend’s health since she first informed her that she was suffering from breast cancer. Elizabeth said she tried to find more opportunities to help her friend. Allain also did not stop searching for a solution to her illness.

Schneider and Allain have supported each other a lot during the filming of “Duke of Hazzard”. Not only my husband but also another colleague shared his sadness on social media. Tom Wopat conveyed his condolences to the actress’s family.

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