World’s Thinnest Woman Receives Fan Mail to Be Like Her

Valeria Levitin, the world’s thinnest woman originally from Russia and currently residing in Monaco, has brought attention to a disturbing trend – she receives fan mail from young girls eager to emulate her skeletal appearance. Speaking to The Sun, the 39-year-old disclosed receiving emails from mainly women in their twenties who view her as an inspiration. However, Levitin courageously refuses to provide instructions on a path she describes as leading to self-destruction, actively campaigning against anorexia.

Valeria, who struggled with an eating disorder since adolescence, decided to publicly address the profound impact the illness has had on her life. Despite desires to share her journey and discourage others from a similar fate, she emphasizes feeling “lonely, unattractive, and repulsive to the people around me” due to anorexia.

Her conviction stems from her mother’s apprehension about Valeria developing obesity, leading to dietary restrictions from early childhood. At 16, Valeria relocated to Chicago with her parents, hoping to fit in at a new school. Intensifying dietary restrictions, she eliminated sugar and carbohydrates, leading to her dress size drastically dropping from a healthy size 12 to a petite size 6 by the age of 23.

Ironically, Valeria’s extended abstinence from certain foods has made her body intolerant to them. A hurtful comment about her figure during a football game intensified her determination to lose weight. Now, her affliction has led to challenges in relationships, remaining unattached for ten years and finding typical couple activities like dining out difficult.

Valeria Levitin’s story sheds light on the dangers of idolizing extreme body images and the severe consequences of eating disorders. Despite the attention she receives, she actively works against promoting an unhealthy lifestyle, hoping to deter others from the destructive path she has experienced.

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