Women Approach Tombstone Thinking No One Can See, Only There’s A Camera Trained On Them

Losing a loved one can be a challenging time, and finding ways to cope with the grief can be a way to honor their memory. For many people, visiting their loved one’s grave and leaving mementos can help them feel closer to the person they lost. Unfortunately, not everyone has the same respect for the dead.

In Ohio, two women were caught on surveillance footage stealing mementos from the Grove Street Cemetery in New London. The community was shocked by the disrespect shown by these thieves, who seemed to have no qualms about taking whatever they wanted from the cemetery.

One of the items they stole was a flower pot that had been given to a woman’s father back in 1977. While it may not have had a high monetary value, it was priceless to the woman as it reminded her of her late parent.

The thieves were identified and charged with theft, but what was even more concerning was that one of the women held a position of trust as an elected fiscal officer in a nearby township. This raised questions about the judgment and integrity of someone who would steal from the dead.

It’s important to remember that even when someone has passed away, they still deserve respect and dignity. Stealing from a cemetery is not only illegal but also a violation of the memories and emotions of the families who visit their loved ones. It’s essential to honor the memory of those who have passed away by treating their final resting place with the respect it deserves.

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