Woman Who Was Paralyzed Observed Her Husband Enter The Garage At Night

The tank-like chair has now become very popular with him. Brad decided to make his wife happy by giving him something big. His wife Liz Soden was paralyzed in a car accident and could not move. 

She did not participate in family activities and was very upset about this. Her husband understood her sadness and decided to make her happy. 

Nothing was more important to him than the tears of his beloved wife. She was paralyzed shortly before the wedding but nothing made her give up on love.

Even though she could not go camping or to the mountains with her children, she tried to be happy. So Brad decided to make her happy. He had not graduated from any specialized school to do such a thing. 

However, he decided to make a tank-like chair for his wife. But who would have thought that this chair would become so successful?

He stayed for a long time in the garage of their house to build this chair. He had created it with tank-like wheels and now it could travel 30 miles per hour. 

But not only that. It could also go to mountainous areas or large fields. That way there would be no obstacles to playing with her children.

While Brad is already the inventor of the “tank chair”. Now his wife can travel to mountains, hills, snow, wet sand, etc. She cried with joy and was very happy with her husband’s gift. 

Brad began donating free chairs to war veterans and the wounded. He wanted everyone to be happy and not be deprived of walking. The chair now costs between $ 12,000 and $ 15,000 and a lot of people want to buy it.

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