Woman Gives Shivering Dog Her Jacket To Keep Him Warm, Unaware Her Actions Were Being Captured

It is very important to protect our pets from the weather and temperature drops. Some people do not even think that dogs may get sick too from cold weather. A woman gives a shivering dog her jacket to keep him warm.

But on the other way, some people do a lot more to protect their animals from cold weather. A dog owner had a very wonderful method of caring and a passerby got a picture of it and shared it online.

The last weeks were very windy and chilly in Massachusetts, and at a bus stop near Harvard, a woman was walking her dog. When she had to rush into the post office, she tied her dog to a tree.

The woman did something incredible and blended the dog with her jacket. After taking it off, she covered the dog and zipped it up around him, so he can feel warm.

The photos went viral online and got thousands of likes. Share your thoughts in the comments on Facebook.

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