Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy With Long Hair, Then She Finds Out The Stunning Truth

Junior Cox-Noon, a baby born in Brighton, UK, has been making headlines for his thick and luscious hair, which has earned him the nickname “Baby Bear.” Junior was born weighing around 10 pounds and had a full head of hair, surprising his mother Chelsea Noon and the medical staff attending to him. Though health visitors and midwives predicted that Junior’s hair would eventually fall out, it continued to grow and attract attention from everyone who saw him.

Noon shared that she has to blow-dry Junior’s hair because it would take too long to dry naturally, but she has no intention of cutting it. She believes his unique hair is one of the things that makes him stand out. The baby’s older brothers, Mitchell and Preston, also love their new sibling and refer to him as “Baby Bear.”

According to a 2007 study by Johns Hopkins University, fetal hair growth can be linked to heartburn during pregnancy. Noon confirmed that she experienced severe heartburn while pregnant with Junior.

Noon shared that the attention her baby receives in public has caused her weekly trips to the supermarket to increase from 40 minutes to two hours. Despite the extra attention and effort required to care for Junior’s hair, Noon said she does not plan on having any more children. She recounted that her labor with Junior was difficult, and he was born with his head stuck, leading to an emergency situation and blood loss.

However, despite the difficulties, Junior’s thick hair has brought joy to many people and turned him into a little celebrity.

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