Woman Defends Decision To Tattoo Boyfriend’s Name On Forehead, Says It’s An Expression of Love

Ana Stanskovsky recently made headlines for tattooing her boyfriend Kevin’s name across her forehead. Ana, who has a large following on TikTok, shared a video of the tattooing process, which quickly went viral with over 18 million views.

In the video, Ana is seen wincing in pain as the tattoo artist inks Kevin’s name in large black cursive letters on her forehead. After the tattoo is finished, Ana looks in the mirror and expresses her delight, saying, “Oh my God, I love it. Wow, Kevin’s gonna love it.”

Ana posted the video on November 6, and it immediately sparked a lot of reactions from viewers. Many people criticized her decision, calling it foolish and predicting that she would regret it if her relationship with Kevin ended. One commenter joked that while Kevin might love the tattoo, her next boyfriend would hate it. Another suggested that Kevin should “run” away.

Despite the overwhelming negative feedback, Ana defended her choice in a follow-up video. She stated that the tattoo is her way of expressing her love for Kevin and that she has no regrets.

She dismissed concerns about potential future regret, insisting that she finds the tattoo beautiful and a meaningful expression of her feelings. Ana went further to say that if a girlfriend isn’t willing to tattoo her boyfriend’s name on her face, it means she doesn’t truly love him.

This bold statement drew even more criticism, with many advising Kevin to reconsider the relationship. Some commenters pointed out the uncertainty of relationships, asking what Ana would do if they broke up. Ana responded confidently, saying she would simply find another boyfriend named Kevin if that happened.

While some people found Ana’s actions and declarations extreme, others wondered if the whole thing was a prank.

However, Ana assured viewers that her decision was genuine. She explained that every time she looked in the mirror, she fell in love with the tattoo and her boyfriend.

What do you think about Ana’s decision to get her boyfriend’s name tattooed on her forehead?

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