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With Her Gesture, Pregnant Woman From California Startled The Entire Globe And Created A Lot Of Controversy

A woman in California surprised everyone with her action. The videos that were saved by the restaurant staff quickly got the attention of people on social media. The woman wanted to go to the toilet after entering the restaurant, so she asked the staff.

The staff showed her where the toilet was and a little later something unexpected happened. Many people in the restaurant were scared and some others were surprised. After 30 minutes, the woman ran out of the bathroom and ran away from the restaurant.

This surprised not only the people but also the staff. The waiter immediately suspected the woman’s behavior and quickly went to the toilet to see what was happening. But no one would believe their eyes. On the floor of the toilet, the waitresses found a newborn baby who was crying. The pregnant woman had given birth to the baby and left quickly.

After giving birth to the baby, the woman left it there and left the restaurant. According to the waitresses, the woman had come to the restaurant at lunch and immediately asked to go to the toilet. The woman was dressed nicely. However, she had not come to lunch. The woman asked to enter the toilet and the staff allowed her. In addition, the staff helped him to find the toilet. But after entering the toilet, she was not seen for several minutes.

The waitresses say that she may not have come out of the bathroom for about 20 or 30 minutes. This is a long time, but no one suspected anything. When someone had gone to ask her if she was okay, she had long since left the restaurant.

The waitresses found the baby crying in the bathroom and called the police. Police and an ambulance arrived at the restaurant. The police searched for the woman for several hours and found her guilty. She will take responsibility for her actions.

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